Learning Support

learning support

The Learning support department at Sancta Maria College aims to support students in Mainstream settings who need targeted teaching in English, as well as by providing a Learning Support class where students are offered more intensive support through  a specialised differentiated curriculum.

Language Support Y7 -Y10

The main goal of the Language support programme is to provide students who are struggling in English, a small group, targeted learning environment to help them reach National Standard in reading and writing. Students are referred to the groups through teacher nominations based on assessment revealing outcomes that were below national  standard. Computer based learning programmes like IWORDQ and Lexia are used to motivate students and to enhance engagement and achievement in learning.

Learning Support Class (Composite class from Y7-Y13)

A differentiated curriculum is offered focusing on increasing English and Maths skills alongside the development of life skills necessary for success in and outside of the classroom. Each individual’s achievement within the programme is informed by their IEPs (Individual Education Programmes).The South Pacific Education Course provides a supported learning programme available to the students in the class from Y7. From Y11 students are assessed against Blended Learning assessments and credits toward Level 1 NCEA can be achieved. Some students may have dual enrolment with the Correspondence school depending on their individual needs and the human resources available. Students are mainstreamed for their high interest subjects. If funded, they will have teacher Aide support, depending on the student’s needs and the need to provide a safe environment for learning. Computer based learning programmes like IWORDQ, Reading Express and Reading Eggs, and Mathletics are used to motivate students and to enhance engagement and achievement in learning. Each student is allocated an iPad for their learning.

Other support:

  1. Y7-Y10: We work closely with the Pakuranga Intermediate RTLB service and with the Ministry of Special Education (Psychologists, physiotherapists, Speech and Language therapists.
  2. Y11-Y13: An privately employed RTLB offers support in learning and behaviour to students who need ongoing support throughout their schooling career.
  3. Special Assessment Conditions(SAC) : As from Y9 students who have been identified as having difficulties in achieving according to their potential due to specific learning difficulties, are offered support for assessments by offering reader/writer/laptop use and extra time.  Evidence is also gathered toward making applications to NCEA in Y11 for a special assessment condition. Parents of students who may qualify for a SAC, are urged to make an appointment with the HOD of Learning support. Applications for SAC are made annually by the end of Term 1.
  4. Teacher Aide support: While the Learning Support class has the support of two Teacher Aides on a permanent basis, TA support is provided to mainstream classes where additional support is required. This includes intermediate Maths, intermediate reading groups as well as targeted Y11 -Y13 English classes where students may need additional support.