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Crashes and injuries can’t stop Sophia

Sophia Milantoni represented the College at the AIMS Games in multi sport. This is a completely different, unique event. It is a timed multi sport Run-MTB-Kayak event with a very steep and technical downhill mountain biking section.

Competitors complete 2.4km off road run, followed by steep up and downhill 4.0kmTB course, finished off with a 1.0km Kayak and sprint to the finish line.

The multi sport atmosphere was charged with energy and camaraderie. While it was competitive, the students who came from all corners of New Zealand were exceptionally supportive of each other and this added to the value of the event.

There were multiple crashes on the bike course and despite training weekly at Woodhill and in the Redwoods, Sophia came off badly, but in the spirit of the games, picked up her broken bike and ran it to the transition area to go on to complete the Kayak section. The fall cost her her position in 9th place , but the emphasis was on participation and experience and that did not dampen her spirits, her injuries are like her trophies…

To quote Pierre de Coubertin the founder of the Olympic Committee ” the important thing in the Games is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in Life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”