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Cross Country a success story


Another cross country done and dusted. With a huge thank you going out to all the students and staff for organising the event. It was great to see the school’s spirit come alive within the students encouraging and supporting one another in the race. The run the was held two weeks ago at Barry Curtis Park. The feedback from the students was that the location was the perfect choice being able to have a different and exciting new experience.

The winner of the Year 7 girls was Ava Ellis and Cayleigh-Ann Ngapaku came first in the Year 8 girls. For Year 9 girls the winner was Georgia Moore with Paris Stevens taking the Year 10 girls’ event and Anna Faulkner in Year 11 the senior girls.

Caleb Faulkner came in first in the Year 7 boys’ race and Lucas Cooper won in Year 8. Luka Ropers from Year 9. Reuben Cooper Year 10 and Kenta Prichard, seniors, completed the boys’ winners.

Once all the points were accumulated, the overall placings gave Hokianga the win, which was very well-deserved, with 659 points. The other houses coming close behind, it is safe to say that all the houses were well represented. Paris Stevens the winner of the Year 10 girls said, “I have been wanting to get first for the past three years but have never felt like I had the chance until this year, where I took it out and I really look forward to next year. I felt like this year’s cross country was much more enjoyable since everyone was together supporting and encouraging each other.”

Alex Dougherty