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Cyprus visits Rotorua Island


On Sunday, Cyprus Causer (middle of photo) visited Rotoroa Island for a big day out as a result of SMC coming 6th in the moth plant competition. One person from every winning team got to go on this trip. Rotoroa Island is pest free. There were seven students selected from five different schools.

The ferry (which was 75 minutes each way) took the students to the island where they were greeted by the on-island rangers, Milliee and Glen, who were the tour guides around the island. On the tour, they learnt the history of the island, significant places, tracking trails and traps. The students also learnt about the wildlife living on the island. Rotoroa island used to be owned by the Salvation Army and people who were alcoholics would go there to sober up. Lunch was had at Ladies Bay, a beautiful beach with clear-blue water.

After lunch, they walked around one of the beaches where was found a lot of sea glass and beautiful shells. Milliee and Glen rewarded them for collecting heaps of moth plants, gifting them a box of picture cards of Rotoroa island. On our way back, on the ferry, the NZ team was seen practicing in their boat. That was a bonus!

“I enjoyed connecting with the students from other schools and discussing with them what their schools are doing to become pest free and how schools can become more pest free with tracking trails and traps,” says Cyprus.

Cyprus Causer