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Dance groups off to a great start


Year 7s and 8s are underway learning dance, giving up their late starts and lunch times to practice for upcoming events. There are two groups: Hip Hop choreographed by Berlin Mangu and Contemporary choreographed by Sydney Causer.

Both, the hip hop and contemporary groups will be performing at Sancta Maria College’s cultural festival in term 4.

The contemporary group will also be performing at the Howick and Pakuranga Dance Festival at Elim Christian College which is going to be held in August. The dancers are keen and enthusiastic to participate in this year’s performance, hoping to stand out amongst the other schools. They are working very hard to display their amazing talent at the show.

With just a month to the show, the effort being put into preparation is huge. Dances are being perfected and costume and make up are currently being planned.

Sydney Causer