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Daphne Aiming for the 2024 Olympics


Daphne Sheffield is one of New Zealand’s leading young karate experts. She has the highest belt she can have for her age – 3rd degree black belt. She has been doing karate at Kawa Doja since she was six years old – for 7 – 8 years.

“I like the fact that it is a balance between physicality and spirituality and it isn’t all about fighting and attacking, it’s also about defending. There’d be no point in doing karate if I just wanted to fight,” says Daphne.

Daphne has been in a lot of national grading and competitions. Next year she is going to Australia for a national competition. Daphne plans on continuing karate until she has reached her goals – she plans on going to the 2024 Olympics because karate is going to be in the Olympics starting from 2020, but she will still be too young at that time.

She also wants to get as high a level she can, so that she can be a karate teacher/sensei. For now, Daphne would really like to open a Karate Club here at school. She recommends karate, saying that it is definitely a good sport to try.

Ella Dickens