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Day of fun for 8GNS and 8LIS


While the other Year 8 classes were having their retreat, 8LIS and 8GNS were enjoying a bunch of activities organised by the Year 10 middle school leaders. There were five different activities which included; Academic, Cultural, Wellbeing, Performing Arts and Sport. Each activity lasted one hour.

In the academic activity, we pretended to be in a hot air balloon which was sinking and five people would have to jump off to save it from going down. To decide who was going to jump off the hot air balloon we were given a card which had a character profile. We had to pretend to be that character and convince the others why we shouldn’t be the one to jump off the hot air balloon.

After that we had to give impromptu speeches. In the cultural activity, we worked in groups. Each group was given cultural clues and had to find the location. This was followed by a short game of Mafia. In the Wellbeing activity, we took turns to write something good about each person in our group. We also attempted to do meditation and played ‘bang’.

In the performing arts’ activity we went into groups of 3 or 4 and made up a skit which we performed at the end of the period. We also sang karaoke for a few minutes. In sport, which was after lunch, we played a game of capture the flag.

We would like to thank the Year 10 middle school leaders for organising this day filled with fun and laughter.

Cyprus Causer