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Day out for Year 12s


Last Friday the Year 12s took a break from their hard work at school and had their Recreation and Leisure Day.

As part of their Level 2 P.E curriculum, Year 12s were split into their PE classes to go to their own activities, with their PE teachers.

The day of fun and happiness consisted of Gravity Trampoline Park in Manukau, Ice skating and bowling in Botany, and especially eating at McDonalds, where huge number of students crowded the place for lunch.

Many students were challenged by the activities as each person was stronger at some activities more than others. Some struggled with ice skating, unable to let go of the barriers for fear of falling. Others could not help but get their bowling balls in the gutter. However, the most important part of this day was the determination of all the students that allowed them to have an enjoyable day. Each student showed the others the importance of helpfulness and support towards one another, so they could improve their skills.

Lorenzo Cruz