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Defend, pass and shoot


The ball was swiftly going from end to end with the crowd roaring loudly as Sancta Maria junior teams took to the courts on Saturday.

There were exciting moments and dazzling skill on display in every game which made the teams proud. Whatever the final score the players showed amazing sportsmanship. Way to go Sancta!

The results from this Saturday’s game are:

Sancta Maria 8A – Won 29/16

Sancta Maria 8B – Won 17/8

Sancta Maria 8C – Lost 9/32

Sancta Maria 7A – Won 14/4

Sancta Maria 7B – Lost 10/22

Sancta Maria 7C – Lost 5/14

Sancta Maria 7D – Lost 2/5

Thanks to our dedicated umpires who are always there at the netball courts, rain or shine. We couldn’t play our games without these important people.

Cyprus Causer