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Difficult weather but the show must go on


Scattered rain and gusty winds challenged the Year 7 and 8 netball players at the SEZ Netball games last week. The wind and rain was a bit of a hindrance because it made the ball wet, the courts slippery and the rain blinded us when shooting. The bus left school at 8:00 am, filled with girls and boys buzzing with excitement to play netball. This was a tremendous opportunity for us to continue to develop our skills by competing against some of the top players in our region.

The one-day tournament was for both girls and boys and we competed against other South-Eastern schools. The SEZ netball tournament is an annual tournament held at the AMI netball courts. There were 6 Sancta Maria College teams; 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, a Year 7 boys team and a Year 8 boys team. There were three sections in each year level, two for girls and one for boys. Altogether, there were 51 teams with about 10 players in each squad, making the courts very busy.

The results from the day are listed below:

Year 7 boys placed fourth in their section:

Loss against BBI – 2-5

Loss against Farm Cove – 1-6

Loss against Howick – 3-5

7A girls placed second in 7A Section A:

Won against BBI – 9-4

Won against Howick – 9-3

Draw against Somerville – 7-7

7B girls placed fourth in 7B Section A:

Loss against BBI- 3-4

Won against Howick- 4-3

Loss against Elim- 9-10

Loss against Somerville- 11-5

Year 8 boys placed eighth in their section:

Loss against BBI – 5-7

Loss against Mission Heights Junior – 3-9

Loss against Farm Cove – 11-5

Loss against Ferguson Intermediate – 4-18

Loss against Howick – 3-4

Loss against Rutherford Junior High school

Loss against Somerville

8A girls placed second in 8A Section A:

Loss against BBI- 9-11

Won against KIA- 18-0

Won against Howick- 9-5

Loss against Somerville- 3-15

8B girls placed third in 8B section A:

Loss against Howick- 3-9

Won against BBI- 10-5

Won against Elim- 12-5

Loss against Somerville- 9-10

Cyprus Causer and Mia Gilchrist