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Dr Kevin Ward presents to our Year 13 cohort

The Year 13 cohort were treated to a sneak peak of what it would be like to be at a university lecture when Dr Kevin Ward (Theology lecturer) of the University of Otago gave a talk about the religious landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand via a web call in F Block, during March this year.

The Year 13 cohort are currently learning about religion in New Zealand and Dr Ward has expertise in this area which he was able to share, in particular how the religious landscape of New Zealand has changed and the reasons for this. He was also able to give insight into how the Catholic Church in New Zealand has been able to adapt to these changes.

What our Year 13 cohort have learnt will not only be of value to their upcoming internal assessment, but as they journey in faith beyond Sancta Maria college.

We thank Dr Ward for gifting his time to our kura.