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Easter – a time to reflect on our journey through Lent


We gathered together as a faith and school community to celebrate our annual Easter liturgy.

After 40 days of having to give something up or do something a little bit extra, the school is encouraging both student and staff members to use Easter as a time to reflect and realise that doing something extra should be done all year round and that we should be grateful for what we have no matter what.

The school’s Kapa Haka sang “Were You There” as the school entered the gymnasium in silence.

The sacred liturgy started with a reflection from our Director of Religious Studies, Mr Piggin. After this a breath-taking performance by a group of Year 11 students took the entire school by surprise. Well done to all the performers, and a special thank you to the performance arts prefects (Ella Flores and Anna Nguyen) for organising such a phenomenal performance.

This was then followed by the scripture readings and short reflections presented by students. These reflections gave the school the chance to take a step back and reflect on what they were grateful for and to realise that giving back to the community is what Jesus would have wanted us to do.

Faith Cruz