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Eleni’s big win

Eleni Motuliki, one of our talented music students, took part in the SINGout4JUSTICE song writing competition organized by Caritas New Zealand. Her composition ‘Love in our Hearts’ won a top five award. ‘Don’t look any further’, by Jenna Aspeling and Minju Kim was also placed in the top five by the judges. The theme was “love more, be more” and Eleni’s song was based on the situation where people are complaining about their own situation and not really thinking about the way other people might be living.

“The message of the song is about those people who just have the mindset of having things and wanting to have more money or more materialistic things. It is about trying to break this mentality and to let people out there know that there are others out there with less opportunity or who are living in poor situations, yet they don’t complain,” explained Eleni.

It took 3-4 days of hard work and perseverance for Eleni to write her song. During this time she had a quote that kept her going, “Christ reminds us that the purpose of life is not ‘getting and ‘having’, but ‘loving’ and ‘being’: being who we are called to be and reaching out to others in love.” This quote encouraged and inspired her to create a remearkable song.

Not thinking that she would win, Eleni was ecstatic, surprised and thankful for the opportunity given to her. With her win she hopes that the judges got her message from the song and that when people hear it, they get the story and the moral from it and understand the purpose of it.

Eleni continues to compose songs and is keen to find more competitions to enter.

Franchesca Fernandez and Shontelle Matano