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Engineering Science Competition

Albin Paulson

Sancta Maria College demonstrated exceptional prowess in the New Zealand Engineering Science Competition, entering three formidable teams:
Team 1: Jennifer Zeng, Grace Baragwanath, David Locke and Jodek Lopez
Team 2: Benjamin Botting, So Hee Kwon, Albin Paulson and Rory Quiding
Team 3: Beatrice Basillio, Isabella Nguyen, Kim Webster and Cyprus Causer

The competition, designed for Year 12 and 13 students, challenges participants with an open-ended science question, requiring adept problem-solving skills. Teams are encouraged to employ mathematical modeling techniques, a skillset commonly taught in mathematics or physics classes. While not mandatory, computer proficiency, including basic programming skills, can be a valuable asset in developing solutions to such complex and intricate problems.

This year’s problem was “How much electrical power will be required due to New Zealanders adopting the use of generative AI?” Each team must comprise three or four members and on the day of the competition strict guidelines prohibit external assistance, ensuring a level playing field. Teachers play a vital role, providing logistical support, including access to necessary technology.

Sancta Maria College’s impressive showing in this rigorous competition exemplifies their dedication to excellence in science and engineering education. Congratulations to all teams for their outstanding performance in this nationwide competition!!