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Environment team gets behind World Ocean Day

To launch awareness week for World Ocean day, Kelly Mascarenhas (Year 10) addressed teachers at their morning meeting to make them aware of what was happening to the oceans and appealed for their support for the activities set up for the week.

This year’s theme is “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” and people across the planet are taking action to prevent plastic pollution in our oceans.

At Sancta Maria College, we decided to reduce the amount of plastic at the source. We aimed to reduce the amount of plastic brought in to school. The tuckshop sold pies in brown paper bags instead of plastic bags. The bags were kindly donated by Gilmours, Manukau. We were privileged to have the support of the community in this.

Every homeroom class watched a powerpoint by Niamh Walsh (Year 11) explaining the effect of plastic on marine life. The library supported the initiative by showcasing the powerpoint during the breaks and by putting up a display about the importance of oceans and the effect of human on this special resource. Thank you so much Mrs Norton and Mrs Munroe.

The Year 7 and 8 classes competed against each other to collect the least amount of plastic in their lunches on. The winning classroom is yet to be announced. A colouring competition was set in the library and the deadline is 17 th June, so if you haven’t got a form yet, go and get one. It’s not too late!

All week, the team promoted care for our oceans. This included chalking the drains in C and D block courtyards to make them more visible so we stop rubbish going down the drains. We thank all those who supported this initiative.

We are positive that we made a difference and hope that people will keep thinking before they throw their plastics away!!! Save the oceans and help restore the home of all marine animals and plants.