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Epro 8 Challenge


The Epro 8 semi-finals were ok I guess, considering we didn’t win! There were lots of challenges and it was quite difficult for some people. One group didn’t read the criteria so they built random stuff, including some sort of chair for some reason. By the end of the competition, I think everybody’s hands were dirty and had an iron smell.

The last time, my group worked with a lot of wires but in the semi-finals, we did more construction. There were times where someone had screwed the back of the screw too tight and we couldn’t get the back end off but in the end, we got it off. Working with these sorts of things is a fun experience unless you accidently get banged with one of the long metal poles.

It’s a three hour challenge in which you work in a group of four. It’s quite fun as long as you know what you’re doing. The event starts with a tutorial on the equipment the teams will be using. In my opinion, to do the Epro 8 challenge, you’ve got to know how to work as a team which can actually think and listen to what your teammates suggest.

The Epro 8 challenge was fun and I really enjoyed it, apart from when my legs were about to collapse because I had been standing for 3 hours. Sancta Maria College had 2 teams in the semi-finals and while we didn’t win it was a great experience for the 8 students who went. The teams were SMC team 1 consisting of Rory Quiding ,Lucas Cooper, Ben Botting, Kaitlin Eustaquio and SMC team 2 which was Rafael Gamboa, Cayliegh-Ann Ngapaku, Rohan Rodriegis, and myself (Mei Green).

Mei Green