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Ethan and Alanna claim major awards


On Thursday, December 5, Year 9 and 10 prizegiving took place. Parents and caregivers, and many invited guests happily gathered and celebrated the accomplishments of the middle school awardees for 2019.

Ethan Rogacion and Alanna Santoso claimed the major awards during this year’s ceremony. Ethan won the St Catherine Trophy for Academic Excellence and Alanna the Navigator Trophy for best representing the values of Sancta Maria College. Both awardees worked extremely hard and put in a lot of time and effort to the various responsibilities they had. Their outstanding service, work ethic and contribution make them worthy recipients of these major awards.

Olivia Selemaia’s dedication to weightlifting, and Quintin Wong’s commitment to swimming, resulted in them being named sportswoman and sportsman of the year. The hours they spend training, perfecting their skills, and competing in events shows how bright the future will be for these two amazing athletes.

This year, the cultural trophies were awarded to Adrian Vargas and Hannah Dangatan. Their exceptional service to music and contribution to co-curricular activities make it clear why they received these awards. All their hard work, time and devotion to improving their musical talent definitely make them worthy recipients of these trophies.

Congratulations to all the students who received awards at this year’s Year 9 and 10 Prizegiving Ceremony.

Alexandria Lazatin