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Ethics Olympiad

On Wednesday 17 May 2023, two teams of senior students from Sancta Maria College participated in the North Island Ethics Olympiad. The Ethics Olympiad is where teams engage with each other and with students from other schools on interesting and relevant ethical questions such as art, national duty, medicine, neurology and governmental control.

Students work as a team to respond to the questions and critique their own and others’ arguments. Judges award points based on clear, concise, critical and collaborative thinking.

The students from Sancta Maria College demonstrated impressive dedication, outstanding teamwork and perseverance as they worked diligently on their tasks. In recognition of their exceptional performance, the judges awarded them with an honourable mention, acknowledging their remarkable achievements. The students approached their tasks with determination, showcasing a genuine passion for their work and displaying a commendable interest in ethics.

The Sancta Maria College team consisted of: Alanna Santoso, Benedict Loulie-Wijtenburg, Grace Baragwanath, Nathan Chin, Albin Paulson, Bernadette Rose, Kio Ho, So Hee Kwon, and Greer Sullivan. Congratulations to all those who have participated!