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Experiencing Life in France

After the group’s excursions they began their classes at Accent français on Tuesday. The group was split up based on their knowledge of French and they began a routine over the next few days.

The students would arrive for the classes at 9 and spend the next 3 hours (not including a 15 minute break) gaining a better knowledge of the language. After their classes are finished the students had the afternoon to themselves.

On Tuesday the group ate lunch by the fountain and then took a tour of the town seeing the monuments and gaining a better understanding of the town’s history.

When class finished on Wednesday the group played a game of Pétanque and then went chocolate tasting at one of the towns fine chocolatiers. On their last full day in Montpellier the group enjoyed a very French lunch at one of their many crêperies.

The group then spent the rest of the afternoon doing activites like shopping, watching a movie or more sightseeing. On Friday the group departs on their journey back to Paris, where they will spend the next 5 days in the city of love.

Niamh Walsh