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Finding inspiration through art


On a bright sunny Friday the Year 12 and 13 Painting, Sculpture and Design Art students were eager to make their way to the Auckland Art Gallery.


As the students arrived at the Art Gallery they were greeted by their guide Josh, who introduced them to what the day had in store for them. The students were then split into two groups. The first group were going to interpret art pieces with their guide Josh and the second group were to roam through the vast galleries of artworks.


The first group headed into the gallery and critically analysed an artwork by Maori artist Ralph Hotere. We were asked by Josh to firstly draw the artwork and then add words around it that best describes his work. Words such as connected, dark and empty were a few of many that were mentioned. Speaking of how the artwork portrayed a sense of loss wishing something could fill that hole of something that once belonged to you but is no longer yours. Also losing connection with someone and something that cannot be found somewhere else but where you lost it.


After the activity the art students were then asked in pairs to find other pieces of artwork to analyse. To put their skills into action. By critically analysing artworks the art students then can translate this analysis into their own artworks.


A design student shared her thoughts about the activity by saying, “The more I look at the art the more I can recognise the emotions and feelings of what the artist was trying to portray and how in turn I can make it my own.”

After morning tea, group one were eager to roam the Art Gallery while the second group critically analysed and intepreted artwork with their guide.


Group 1 art students were intrigued by a documentary by Nalini Malani named “In Search of Vanished Blood.” The documentary explores the theme of violence, the power of myth and a feminist voice. During the documentary it is interrupted by a woman’s recount of her brutal rape, portraying a woman’s place in society.


The day progressed and the art students treated themselves to lunch in the city and had a chance to visit the Romer Gallery, Gow Langsford Gallery and the Trish Clark Gallery. These galleries presented phenomenal artworks that can help the students with their own art.


Overall the art students enjoyed their day at the Art Gallery. It gave them the skills to interpret and analyse artwork and to transfer all this knowledge into developing their ideas for their own work.


Salome Tuineau