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First mufti day of 2021!

Despite a bumpy start to the new year, Sancta Maria College held a Caritas mufti day this Thursday. In support of Lenten season, students brought gold-coin donations along with their diverse and comfy mufti outfits.

All proceeds from this event go towards the Caritas Annual Lenten Appeal. The appeal is run on behalf of New Zealand’s Catholic Bishops’ Conference (NZCBC). Caritas is a Catholic Charity and the largest non-governmental charity in the world. Sancta Maria College works closely with Caritas to educate students to take action for the less fortunate. To find out more about Caritas, check out their New Zealand website:

As we begin Lent, we reflect and pray in preparation for Easter. Caritas mufti is a great way to support the more vulnerable (especially in this time of COVID-19) and encourage students to appreciate the things they have. Wearing mufti was optional, so it was fantastic to see such enthusiasm and support for this cause.

Thank you to all the teachers and students who came together to support Caritas Mufti Day.

Jennifer Zeng