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First time film makers


For the first time, Sancta Maria College is having a Year 7/8 film competition. With Miss Black in charge, students need to create a film around the topic of culture. Students will be judged on the video quality and storyline. There will be prizes for the winners, although at the moment it is not known what these will be.

The films must be 10 minutes maximum and are due Friday 27th July. The students started last week and have a schoology group which lists the rules and guidelines for what their film should be like. Currently, most students have finished writing their script and are starting to film.

One of the groups said, “Our story is about someone who has lost their culture and is on a quest to find it.” Some groups get class time to work on their films while others are working on it during lunchtime and at the weekends. The Year 7 and 8s will be making the most of these holidays to finish their films.

Sydney Causer