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Fun filled fellowship

If there were three words to describe the Special Characters newly introduced fellowship sessions, it would be: fun, meaningful and safe. Monday came to see a turning point in afterschool time, where everybody was able to feel included and safe through the forging of new friendships in our faith.

With the experience of Aislinn Manuyag (Deputy Head Girl) as a leader in youth group and the audacious personality of Johnny El-Boutty (Deputy Head Boy), juniors and seniors alike got to experience what it feels like to share their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. Though some people did come out honest and said that they came for the free food, they all came out of the session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The afternoon consisted of exciting ice-breakers that got everybody’s blood pumping, activities that helped with getting familiar with each other as well as discussions that developed an answer to the question “Where is Christ within me?”

A talk was also given by Aislinn, and this was able to make those who attended think about the last time we rested with the Lord.

The Special Character prefects’ hard work in preparing this afternoon paid off in the end, and those students who attended gave positive reviews. Many smiles and expressions of thanks were let given to express gratitude towards those who had initiated this fellowship afternoon.

Faith Cruz