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Get crafty with the Pop-up Makers Space

Bust out your crafty skills and creative spirit because on Thursday late starts, the library holds its fun Pop-up Makers Space for students.

Sometimes school can be quite stressful and we need to take time to just stop and let our creativity flow. This is exactly what the Pop-up Makers Space is for! The library sets up the tables with an assortment of craft supplies ranging from fluffy pipe cleaners to recycled cans and egg cartons, shiny gems and so much more! The Makers Space invites all students who come to school early on late starts, to sit down and make something from scratch, and the best part is the end result.

Our head Librarian Miss O’Rorke says that the Makers Space is a “free-formatted creative space” provided for all students in an attempt to let their creative juices flow. Many students nowadays are too hooked on technology, so this space is a great opportunity for students to get innovative and become involved in some crafts!

Some of our students busy making dreamcatchers out of sea shells and dangling gems, said that the space was “exciting and really fun, it’s a great idea for students to make things that make them happy.”

Another enthusiastic student said, “we really enjoy arts and crafts, and this activity is fun for everyone with an artsy flair.”

Indeed, this space is great for all year levels to express themselves, because after all being imaginative is just so much fun.

All students are welcome to come along and get into the crafty spirit with this fun and rewarding activitiy.

Francesca Adams