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Girls and Boys in Bubbles!

Kael Sunga (Year 9)

Last Wednesday our Year 8s experienced what it was like to play soccer, but soccer with a difference – every player was inside a giant plastic bubble!

The Bubble Football event took part in our school field, allowing Year 8s to get outside, have some fun and enjoy each other’s company.

This activity brought out their competitive spirits and concentration in order for them to navigate through the bubble and score some goals.

Playing football in a bubble was a unique experience for them at Sancta Maria College, and it was also a wonderful way for them to bond with one another, make new friends, and get to know their new teachers and classmates.

Communication is an excellent ability to get from this activity. Because the students were not playing as individuals but as a team, they were able to develop their communication skills with those around them.

Bubble soccer may appear strange and unusual at first, but it has proven to our 2022 group of Year 8 students that it can have a significant impact on how they listen, communicate and co-operate with one another.

And it was great fun, too!