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Gumboot Friday!

Nicole Xu (Year 11)


‘I AM HOPE’ is a foundation aiming to make available 24/7 professional counselling services for young people. An opportunity where young people are able to have someone to talk to about our challenges. We know that life is pretty rough at times and we are unable to navigate our way through the difficulties. In support of this, students and teachers of Sancta Maria College were able to swap out their usual school shoes into gumboots for the yearly ‘Gumboot Friday’ held on May 28th.

During lunch, there was a gumboot throwing competition where house points were being awarded. It was a gold coin donation to participate and all proceeds would go to ‘I AM HOPE’. Many students joined in and it was great to see the enjoyment of throwing boots around. At the end of the day, students were able to raise a total of $237.30.

“We want to encourage all our students to be there for one another and to seek support when it is needed. We want to show that seeking support is a sign of strength and assists us in learning more about ourselves.

I had a great day at the gumboot throwing competition, watching everyone have fun and raise money for a great cause. It was also great to see everyone in their gumboots.” – Mr Bacon.

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