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Have you returned booklet and donations?

The 40 hr famine committee continue to search for unreturned booklets from those who signed up to participate in this years 40 hour famine.

While the majority of the booklets have been handed in there remain a few students who still need to return their donations so the money can be banked and then sent off.

This year the money goes to those suffering in Syria in the biggest humanitarian crisis this century. So no matter what donation each person makes, big or small, returning the money and your booklet can help those in need halfway across the world.

While the 40 hr famine is over the committee still have events coming up in term 3 to continue raising money for Syrian refugees with events like a bake sale etc. We encourage those who have forgotten to return their booklets due to the pressures of term 2 to search through their homes to find their booklets, collect donations and hand them in on day 1 of term 3.

Niamh Walsh