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Hayden to represent Northern Districts


Year 8 student, Hayden Waters, has been selected to represent Northern Districts Under 14 Development team at the 2019 New Zealand Junior Interprovincial Indoor Cricket Tournament being held 12-15 July.

Hayden was chosen to play for the Eastern Pharaohs Under 14 indoor cricket team in a tri-series against Hamilton and Bay of Plenty. From this tri-series, Hayden was selected to represent Northern Districts, a team made up of players from Hamilton, Eastern and Tauranga. In the interprovincial tournament he will compete against teams from Auckland, Central Districts, Canterbury and Wellington.

Hayden’s team won 7 out of 9 games in the tri-series against Hamilton and Bay of Plenty. He thinks the game comes naturally to him, but it was hard when he first played indoor cricket because it was new to him. Hayden has played indoor cricket for three years and feels happy when he plays because he enjoys it and has fun.

Hayden recommends the sport to others because it is fast, only taking 45 minutes, and if you enjoy ball sports you would love playing indoor cricket. There is nothing better than trying to hit the ball into the side nets rather than the back net because it’s not as big of a risk as trying to hit the maximum amount of runs in one hit. This way you can just build up a lot of runs.

Hayden plays competitively because he like to win and try to pressure the other team into making mistakes, like trying to take a silly run.

“I would like to play this as a career because I enjoy it and you get to make new friends, and you would get to travel a lot,” says Hayden.

Santiago Duque