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High School Musical Junior Production


Members of the audience watching the show commented, “It was an incredible performance – one where you couldn’t stop smiling! As soon as the curtains closed, I wanted them to open back up so that the cast could continue with the show!”

Hawkins Theatre in Papakura was packed with many people, students and family members who came along in support of the High School Musical Junior production cast. This year marked the school’s first junior production, directed by Mrs Oliver and managed by Miss Black and Miss Bradley.

This toe-tapping, exciting production was performed across three days with a total of four shows, including an audience of three primary schools. The musical highlighted the junior casts’ (Year 7-11) singing, acting and dancing skills supported by the school band, overall doing an extraordinary job.

The cast members stated, “It was so exciting and cool to be performing on stage! All of our hard work paid off in the end as we all had so much fun.” Adding, “We feel so happy and blessed to have had this experience and opportunity to perform on stage and to do so amongst some amazing and talented people.”

Since the beginning of Term 1, the cast had many practices, rehearsing after school, during school time and in the holidays. They made sure that the songs were exceptional, learning all of their lines and perfecting singing with the band. Some of these songs were ‘Stick To The Status Quo,’ ‘Get’cha Head In The Game’ and ‘Breaking Free.’ All of their hard work paid off in the end, as all of the cast have an experience to remember for the rest of their life.

Family members, teachers, students and ex-students came along and watched the musical to see the casts’ hard work.

A huge thank you to all those involved in the production of High School Musical Junior. This includes all teachers that helped, backstage and lighting crew and the band and the Hawkins Theatre.

We all look forward to next year’s production that is already booked at Vodafone Events Centre!

Mia Gilchrist