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Hockey Girls just miss out


Thursday night’s game for the Sancta Maria College 1st XI girls’ hockey team was one of the hardest they have played this season. In the first half the Sancta Maria girls did a spectacular job keeping the St Cuthbert’s score to only one goal.

Both teams were running their absolute hardest, chasing the ball. Sancta Maria’s defence was constantly fighting to get the ball up the turf to the strikers and was doing an amazing job of it. The score kept at 0-1, aided by the girls’ great communication with one another and accurate passes.

It wasn’t until the second half that Sancta Maria broke quickly out of defence, playing a long ball through the St Cuthbert’s defence to score a well-deserved equaliser. The score was now tied 1:1, and the Sancta Maria girls were playing with a new-found confidence.

Both teams were desperate for the goal that would declare them the winner and qualify them for the semi-final. St Cuthbert’s took many shots at goal and finally managed to score. The final score was 2:1 after an extremely close game. Special recognition goes to Sabine Taylor, Sancta Maria’s goalie, who stopped countless goals from being scored and was one of the main reasons why the score was kept so low. She played and amazing game.

Another special thank you goes to the Sancta Maria College supporters who came to the game, helping the girls to keep on fighting for the ball and stay in the game.

Alex Dougherty