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House Day

The vibrant colours of red, blue, yellow and green flooded Sancta Maria College as the students celebrated a new annual event, House Day. The Year 13 house prefects have created a day where all the students come to school dressed in their house colours. Kororareka (red), Waitemata (green), Hokianga (blue), and Akaroa (yellow).

Students had the choice to either show up and incorporate their house colour into their mufti or could wear fun and funky costumes in their colour. At interval the seniors hosted a catwalk for the senior boy prefects to strut their stuff and show off their unique costumes. Then the students of the College participated in a tug of war competition in the C Block courtyard.

Overall it was a great event, getting the students out of their everyday uniforms to have a bit of fun away from their assessments and internals.

Alex Dougherty