2017 Year 11 Prize Giving

2017 comes to a close with Zoe Chou winning the St Catherine award for academic excellence and Tanya Murray winning sportsperson of the year. Both students have worked countless hours to achieve their own personal goals. All students should be commended for the effort made in gaining awards this year.

St Catherine Award for Academic Excellence:
Zoe Chou

Sportsperson of the Year:
Tanya Murray

Overall top scholars:
Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg
Zoe Chou
Patricia Dela Cruz
Samantha Mebius
Ben Wang
Christy Yang
Bo Min Cho
Emma Sim-Smith
Sophia Bebelman
Breanna Jury

Special Character Awards:
Chriselle Calicdan
Patrick De Vera
Meggy Laguda
Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg
Zoe Chou
Patricia Dela Cruz
Tahlisa Stevens
Mia Gilchrist
Ella Flores
Nathalie Tolentino
Bo Min Cho
Jonne Chou
Genesis Grant
Faith Cruz
Caelan Lesoa
Tanya Murray
Davin Patlong

Subject Scholars:
Zac Arudas - Design and Visual Communication
Maris Balili - Music
Sophia Bebelman - English, History, Commerce, Science Extension
Peter Brzozowski - Music
Logan Butterworth - English for Academic Purpose
Angelito Castro - Science Extension
Katrina Chan - English
Bruce Chen - Science Mathematics
Bo Min Cho - Art, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education
Zoe Chou - English, Religious Education, Mathematics Level 2, Science Extension
Faith Cruz - Mathematics Statistics
Patricia Dela Cruz - Mathematics, Religious Education, Science Extension
Patrick Dempsey - English, Science
Marina De SilvIa - Technology Textiles
Patrick De Vera - Religious Education
Bradley Dias - Digital Technologies
Adrienne Ebron - Science
Johnny El-Boutty - Religious Education
Logan Fenton – Mathematics