Young Vinnies planning ahead


On Thursday, the Vinnies group gathered for their Term 3 meeting. The school team was very honoured to have co-ordinator Gene bring with him a former Sancta Maria College student and even a fellow Vincentian from across the Tasman to visit us and share with us their wisdom.

The basis of the meeting was the ‘impact of our actions’. We looked at how our acts of service are catalysts for growth and renewal and are not just one-time activities. The meeting was eye opening, starting with ice breakers that allowed the students to relax in the middle of mock exam stress.

The students were then asked to list the things that brought them happiness, and the things that brought them anger and frustration. This was followed by a demonstration from Gene, using ping-pong balls that floated when placed in water as an analogy of how negative emotions eventually float away with the addition of our acts of service, kindness and love. 

Angelika Bilbao