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Innovation – Eco-Use


A group of our Business Studies students have thought seriously about an age-old problem. How to recycle that old washing machine once it is past its use by date. Braydon Burton (Communications Director), Finn Taylor (CEO), Logan Butterworth (Production Director), James Sutherland (Chief Financial Officer) and Ethan Fox (Marketing Director) of Eco-Use think they might have come up with the answer to part of the problem.

Their exciting new product – a Washing Machine Plant Box – helps to recycle the drum from that old machine. After learning about the increasing environmental damage being caused by the waste products of old washing machines, and the damage caused to the environment by pre-existing plastic plant pots, they began to brainstorm ideas about how to make a difference.

Eco-Use also hopes to inspire others to develop their own enviro-based products. Motivated by their slogan ‘Quality Recyclable Product Design’ the team see their design as a trendy, original idea, perfect for an environmentally savvy gardener.

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You will be able to view and purchase the product at the Young Enterprise evening to be held at the school on Thursday, August 29.

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