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Innovation – Printcess Prints


“Printcess Prints” are customisable foil prints combined with student artwork. Devised by the team of Samantha Mebius (Finance and production), Ellen Fromont (Communications), Megan Noronha (Marketing and sales) and Mary Colmenar (CEO) these are sure to fly off the shelves.

At the beginning of the year, the Year 13 Business Studies students were required to brainstorm a few product ideas to sell. Printcess Prints combined their two ideas of selling printed and framed appealing quotes and promoting student artwork. They found that it was something that people within the age range of 13-17 were interested in purchasing, for themselves or as gifts for others, and are sure it will appeal to an even wider age group once seen.

Printcess Prints aspire to create beautiful and affordable print work of high quality made to enhance the homes, workplaces and hearts of our customers.

This innovative item solves the problem of finding attractive artwork that the customer can customise and make their own at affordable pricing. At the moment the student art work is being sourced from young students of Sancta Maria College. The team hope that in the near future they can expand that to the young artists of the local area, to give them an opportunity to share and ‘get their work out there’.

“Each piece we make is worked on in its entirety by the team to ensure that it is of high quality and to effectively communicate the ways in which we can deliver exactly what the customer asks us for,” says CEO, Mary Colmenar.

Why should you buy one?

– It’s a simple and effective way to brighten up an empty space on a desk or wall.

– It’s a creative and personal way to bring together the overall aesthetic of a room or workspace.

– It’s an accessible, high quality and affordable gift idea that everyone is sure to appreciate.

You will be able to view and purchase the product at the Young Enterprise evening to be held at the school on Thursday, August 29.