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Innovation – Succs For You


Succs For You are going to sell completely customisable planted succulents in recycled cans suitable for anyone wanting a particular design, perfect for spicing up any room. This solves the issue of home décor being expensive and having a lack of variety. Consumers are able to personalise the product by choosing the size of can, the design and colour.

The team is: Grace Joblin – CEO, Anna Faulkner – CFO, Samantha McNamee – Production and Marketing Director, Hannah Ralph-Smith – Sales Director, Tyra Warnock – Production and Marketing Director, Emma Watkins – Communications Director

They have added a recycling element into the product to play a part in reducing waste so that the product aligns with the company vision – ‘To make the most of our waste’. The cans are completely customisable allowing you to add a unique twist to the product to create an eco-friendly product to suit a variety of people. The product is designed to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill.

These pots are unique as they are customisable and affordable. The innovative aspect of the product is that Succs for You are making a start to reducing waste by repurposing used cans and turning them into trendy plant pots. The succulents are supplied by people who no longer want or need them. Succs For You plan to continue to make more products in the future to reduce waste. This product is trendy, affordable, customisable, low maintenance and sustainable.

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You will be able to view and purchase the product at the Young Enterprise evening to be held at the school on Thursday, August 29. Be one of the first to give this exciting new product a try.