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International Students Graduation


Last Friday was a special day for the Year 13 Sancta Maria College international students – their graduation. For many, it seemed like just yesterday when these young excited students from other countries came to Sancta Maria College for the very first time. The start of many journeys began as early as Year 8, meeting new people, learning new things and experiencing a lifetime opportunity up until their graduation ceremony.

Over the past 6 years, these students have formed unique relationships with teachers and students. They shared a few of the many memories from their experiences at Sancta Maria College. Inside jokes and happy memories were shared and enjoyed by all, bringing tears to many.

The graduation began with speeches from various international students, Ms Donovan (Director of International Students) and Ms Moore, as well as a video presentation showcasing memories from the students’ time here. The reflections from some involved stories, experiences and mentions to teachers who supported their journey through Sancta Maria College. Alongside the speeches there were also some musical performances showcasing Chinese culture, including a guitar duet and a piece played on a guzheng, a Chinese instrument.

The ceremony ended with a presentation of the graduating certificates and many photos to capture memories, as well as final catchups with teachers before heading off on study-leave,

holidays at home and preparations for university. The graduation was an important event for the students, with many of their past teachers attending as well as family from overseas, and many tears were shed as their time as students at Sancta Maria College came to a close.

Our 2019 International Student graduates are:

Pak Him (Rico) Chan

Xiao Hui (Andy) Chen

Yi Fan (Bruce) Chen (Prefect)

Hei Wa (Hayward) Lam

Zhi Bin (Kobe) Lie

Zimu (Cindy) Liu (Prefect)

Kwun Hei (Adam) Ngai

Praveen Peiris

Riko Takagi

Ting Jiang (Kiven) Wang

Qianli (Ben Wang)

Yinpeng (Jason) Wang

Xiaotong (Christy) Wang

Xiaoyue (Amelia) Yang

Zheng (Melo) Zhang

We congratulate these wonderful hard-working students for all they have achieved as they move on to a new chapter in their lives! We will continue to show support and friendship to our international students.

Jennifer Zeng and Alanna Santoso