Homestay Families

Sancta Maria College is looking for warm, welcoming host families for International Students in 2018 

You can host for short periods of a few weeks or for a year or more. Some of our students are on short-term tours while others are at the College to study through to the end of their schooling.


What Hosting is About

Sancta Maria College believes that the best way to learn another language and culture is by complete immersion. Our school based programmes are complemented by the Homestay experience. Rather than being treated as a guest, we ask that students be treated as a member of the host family participating fully in their host family’s life. We are committed to providing our students with outstanding, quality host families. All potential host families must complete Police Vetting Forms. An in-home interview is conducted, prefera¬bly with all members of the family and the interviewer also ensures that the accommodation is acceptable. Our coordinators provide support to host families and students throughout the duration of the programme.


What are we looking for

Families who:

Have a genuine interest in learning about other cultures.

Have space to include another family member.

Have enough time for appropriate supervision and regular interaction with the student. Are flexible and able to maintain a sense of humour.

Are willing to promote NZ by providing opportunities for international students to discover and experience our culture first hand.

Consist of at least two related family members.

Use English as their first language.

Will provide three meals per day and snacks. This includes a packed lunch on school days.

Can provide a private bedroom for the student.

Different Kinds of Homestay

Our short-term students are generally from Japan and China and are part of groups visiting NZ. Our long term students are on exchange from their home country. They have self-selected because of their interest in New Zealand and in the English language. They have been accepted as an international student only after careful screening both in their home country and by Sancta Maria College.


Supporting the Homestay Situation

Rosemary Gillies, Director of International Students and Margaret Gorski, Homestay Co-ordinator oversee the homestay for the duration of the student’s stay. Rosemary and Margaret select the homestay and then pro¬vide pastoral care overseeing the welfare of the student(s) in addition to maintaining regular contact with the family and school. It is important to remember that students are teenagers and may occasionally need guidance and advice. They are bound by strict rules and guidelines.

We also provide a brief report on the student and their progress which is sent to our overseas agent and then to their parents.

If you are interested in hosting, please contact our Homestay Co-Ordinator Margaret Gorski by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..