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It is all in the genes


Year 11 student, fifteen-year-old Letisia Fifita, is to be commended for making it into the Auckland U16 Touch Rugby team. For Letisia, touch is in her genes! It runs in her family with her brother playing and her dad being an amazing coach! That is why seven years ago when Letisia picked up the ball, she fell in love with the sport.

Letisia has played for her family touch club, Ginyu Force, ever since she started playing touch at the age of eight. Her desire to play touch grew as a result of her family playing and their passion becoming her passion, “Well, I’ve been playing Auckland touch since I was 8 and really I just grew up playing it so it was kind of something I developed a passion for since I was born.” Growing up with her dad as the touch coach of her older brother influenced her choice to play, “My dad used to coach my older brother so I gave it a go and a few years later I’m still playing.”

Two years ago, Letisia played league for Tonga and then started playing New Zealand tag. Because of this, she developed her love for touch when she trialled for the U16 Auckland team.

She trialled late last year and got two callbacks, only later to find out that she had made the team! Before trialling, Letisia said “I was a bit nervous before but when I heard I made callbacks I felt relieved because I had such a big break from playing touch.”

Letisia is a dedicated touch player, training twice a week as well as playing three modules a week. She works hard to improve her skills each week, hoping to better her skills and improve her fitness so that she can continue to develop her touch career.

Sancta Maria College is excited to see what Letisia will do next and wishes her the best of luck as her touch career progresses.

Mia Gilchrist