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J Rock’s First Steps!

J Rock, a junior competition parallel to that of Stage Challenge, is an opportunity for young, aspiring artists in the field of dance and drama to further expand their artistic horizons and gain exposure to its competitive side.

From the nerve-wracking yet awe-inspiring stage performance that occurred the previous year for J Rock, to the fatigue yet spirit inducing rehearsals this year, many achievements are accomplished.

Following a very successful competition in 2016, winning awards for best drama, costume and spirit; much time, blood, sweat and tears have been sacrificed for the preparation of this year’s performance in the hope of achieving such success once more.

With the approach of the junior Stage Challenge competition, ‘J Rock’, one would wonder, ‘How are our contestants doing?’.

Though the nerves may not have set quite yet, it is apparent that much imagination, strength and effort is being poured into this upcoming battle of dance and drama.

“The students are doing really well, though they are very tired from the practices,” commented Ms Shen.

With most of the dances being steadily perfected, costume and makeup planning remain for the young, soon to-be stars of Sancta Maria College as they prepare for this year’s J Rock competition.

As the excitement builds, nearing both the Stage Challenge and J Rock (Jr. Stage Challenge) competitions, we hope that the students participating will continue to develop and pursue their passions in these arts. In following the motto of our J Rock group, ‘Never Give Up’, let them be inspired to perform to the best of their ability.

Gabriel Nito