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Japanese students get to know the College


Chattering and laughter filled D block as a group of Year 9 students hovered around the gate at lunchtime on Wednesday, eagerly waiting to meet the Japanese students from Itoshima High School.

Organised by Ms Kevern, each group of students looked after 1 or 2 Japanese students. We spent lunchtime getting to know them, leading them on quick tours around the school and, for some, socializing, a game of tag.

Most of the Year 9s have only been learning Japanese this year, yet communication was barely a barrier. Between constant rushed checks of textbooks, use of Google translate and many misunderstandings, we were able to bond over shared loves, such as dance and k-pop, and laughing over awkward silences or mispronounced phrases.

5th period was spent in a cultural exchange. Each school started off with a speech from its representatives, before singing songs to each other. Lyrics in Maori and Japanese organised by Ms Kevern proved to be an icebreaker as we all sang (though many of us did not know the tune!). The last few minutes with our Itoshima high school friends were spent practicing Japanese phrases, taking selfies and exchanging phone numbers/Instagram accounts.

It proved to be an amazing experience for everyone involved, and we hope to one day meet our Japanese friends again.

Thank you to Itoshima High School for visiting SMC and to Ms Kevern for organising this event.

Alanna Santoso