Journey’s End opens Students’ Eyes


Throughout Term 3, the Year 10s have been learning about the First World War. As a treat, Mrs Stickland and Mrs Stevens organised a movie and ice cream for the whole year group as part of the World War One unit.

On Thursday, November 29, the students headed to Monterey cinema to watch Journey’s End. Journey’s End is a movie about the British soldiers in the Aisne dugout, who were awaiting their fate, which depended on whether the Germans dropped their bombs on them or not.

The movie was recreated from R.C Sheriff’s play, which debuted on the London stage in 1928. The movie follows the life of young Second Lieutenant Raleigh who has not yet faced the horrors of war.

From the movie, students have understood the impact of war on the people involved and those who lost family members.

Gemma Holt