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Junior Hockey girls finish as Champions

The year 7&8 girls hockey team came into the tournament eager and determined to win.

They had trained so hard for this tournament every Tuesday for the past nine weeks and, despite the bad weather, were really excited to finally put their skills into play on the Lloyd Elsmore Park hockey fields.

They won the first two games but lost the third against Somerville. However, we still ended up getting into the semi finals and winning against Mission Heights.

The girls once again met Somerville in the final and worked super hard as a team to win a very tough game! Overall the girls played amazingly well with a staggering 4 wins from 5 games. Not only did they win the tournament but they were able to work together as a new team to overcome the challenges presented to them during this day.

Bernice Carlos and I had the privilege to coach these young girls with the help and support of our manager Mrs David and our sports coordinator Mrs Cummings. And on the touch line we had all the parents that came along to the tournament to support and motivate us.

We now look forward to our next games at interzones in term 3.

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