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Kids Lit Quiz 2021

Maia Tay-Morrison (Year 8)

Friday 21st May had a bright, early and exciting start as 8 of our year 7 and 8 students set off to take part in the annual Kids Lit quiz competition. Kids Lit Quiz is a world-wide competition held in many different countries. Being in New Zealand, we are very fortunate to be able to take part in it this year as Covid-19 continues to restrict countries to host online competitions or to cancel it altogether.

The competition is a 100-question quiz spread out into 10 rounds based on different topics. This year there was a very wide variety of topics ranging from Manga(a type of Japanese comics) to Aviation. Each team consists of 4 students from years 5-8.

This competition is great for kids to showcase their amazing knowledge and keen attitude towards reading books. Kids Lit quiz is also a good way to reward kids for their reading skills in a friendly but competitive competition that makes reading a sport.

Our two teams did not place in the top ten this year but still had a blast. The teams were accompanied by Mrs. O’Rorke, two of their mentors Alanna Santoso and Johann Ang and a group of year 7 and 8s who came to spectate the quiz.

This quiz was founded by ‘New Zealand quizmaster’ Wayne Mills. They recently celebrated 30 years of the quiz running. Wayne says he never expected it to grow this far, but now it is a thing that lots of schools look forward to take apart in each year.

We thank Mrs O’Rorke and her team for organizing and training up the two teams for the competition. And we all look forward to trying again next year.