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Kids lit quiz competition 2019


A group of Year 7s and 8s and their mentors arrived at St. Cuthbert’s College on Tuesday to compete in the annual world-wide Kids Lit Quiz for 2019.

The Kids Lit group, consisting of around 15 members, have been meeting every Tuesday afternoon in the library to practice for this competition. The mentors of this group are Kayleigh Pieters, Alanna Santoso, Johann Ang and Danica Loulie-Wijtenburg. The last three of these came with us on the trip and were very excited to support us. From this group, two teams were chosen to represent SMC.

Team 1: Averill Realon, Jessa Calacsan, Simon Smith and Elizabeth Johnstone.

Team 2: Mei Green, Cyprus Causer, Lexie Wu and Cameron Motion.

This event was sponsored by Whitcoulls, Softlink, South Pacific Books and the Wright family foundation. The host of this competition was Wayne Mills.

After every round of the competition, Wayne Mills asked a question to the audience and whoever answered it correctly got a $10-dollar voucher from Whitcoulls! Then he asked a question to the competitors and if they got it right, they also won a $10-dollar Whitcoulls voucher along with a new Whitcoulls Stationery set.

There were 10 rounds and each round had a different topic. Everyone got the same questions. You could choose a bonus round where you could earn double points.

Although the teams tried their best, they didn’t score enough points to make it to the national competition in Wellington. The Kids Lit team would like to thank Mrs O’Rorke for all the effort she took in making this event possible for the Year 7 And 8s. We are sure that the Year 7s will join in next year too!

Cyprus Causer and Jermaine Daclan