Let it shine


The Thanksgiving Mass of 2018 was truly one to remember. Not only was it the farewell to all of our Year 13 students but also the farewell to family members that have given back to the school in ways we could never imagine.

The theme of the Mass was “Let it Shine” which was chosen as a symbol of our leavers sharing their light with the world. The Mass began with a big welcome from our new head prefects Tahlisa Stevens and Maurice De Jesus and the College’s Kapa Haka group.

To conclude the Mass our current head prefects, Dominic Stolten and Martina Kleis, passed on our school candle to Tahlisa and Maurice symbolising the passing on of their role. We hope everyone in the class of 2018 will truly share their light with the world and that their Sancta Maria whanau are wishing them the best.

Jason Borromeo