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Let’s get physical

The past week was a fun filled physical workout for most, as it was Sancta Maria College’s Sports Week.

The aim of the project was to test people’s athleticism and to just have fun. Also, it was great to see students disconnect from their tech lives during lunchtimes and get physical with the sporty activities.

Monday started off the week with a competitive yet exciting game of Capture the Flag on the field. Students had to capture the opposing team’s flag by retrieving it from enemy territory and safely make it back to their side. Not to mention the tricky obstacles that came their way.

Tuesday came next with a highly exhilarating game of multi-sport. Sports such as basketball, soccer, hockey, netball and many more were in the mix of randomly chosen sports that the students had to attempt to play. These tested their sporting ability and able to adapt quickly to the challenging sports.

Coming near the end of the week with Thursday, there was a great competition of rowing in the courtyard. The students used the ‘difficult to master’ rowing machines, and were challenged to see who made the quickest time. Not to mention the strength needed to work those machines was pretty tough. Lastly the week ended off with an intense game of Tug of War in the gym.

Francesca Adams