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Library Scavenger Hunt


This Tuesday lunchtime, the library was filled with busy students looking for the hidden clues in our Christmas themed Library Scavenger Hunt. Searching among the shelves of the school library, students worked in pairs or by themselves to find hidden clues, solve the puzzle and get the correct answer. It was a great way to start the Christmas season!

The beginning of the scavenger hunt started with a sheet of clues given to students. Using their knowledge of stories from all genres, they needed to find specific books suggested by the clues. Inside these books were letters that needed to be combined and unscrambled to create the final word.

Many of our participants were able to solve the mystery word and all the correct answers went into the draw to determine the overall winner. The final winners of the Scavenger Hunt are Charlie Smith and Cameron Motion. Congratulations to these two students.

Cyprus Causer and Jennifer Zeng