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Lots learned at the Science Roadshow!

Jermaine Daclan (Year 9)

The 3rd and 4th of August saw the annual Science Roadshow take place in the auditorium. Students from Years 7-10 got the chance to experience hands-on science at its best! The roadshow showcases science in a fun and practical way. After each show, students had time to go around the auditorium and do the hands-on science activities, before returning for one more show.

The first show included many different experiments. As with everything Science, as soon as you have a question, you need to investigate, changing some variables to gather more results, and then coming with a conclusion with the results gathered from these experiments.

Students enjoyed their time exploring the hands-on science exhibits. There was a miniature replication of a working toilet demonstration, a reaction test, an electrostatic generator, and a very difficult balance beam, just to name a few of the fun interactive activities there! The students enjoyed trying each activity out, learning about how it works and the science behind it along the way.

The fun didn’t end there though, as the second show was a banger! This show was called ‘Up, down, All Around’ and featured gases and the reactions that occur when you mix gases and combine them with fire. Some explosions vibrated the whole auditorium, and some were ear-deafening! The students had an awesome time overall and learnt a lot during this experience.

We would like to thank the Science Department for setting this all up for us Year 7-10s to enjoy and learn about science in a fun and interactive way!