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Mangere Mountain Gives Meaning to Learning

Year 8 students went to Mangere Mountain this week to learn more about our current social studies inquiry, Pre-European Aotearoa.

Going on this trip meant that we would learn and develop a better understanding about our inquiry.

During this trip we learnt many historical facts. The thing that stood out the most was how different life was back then compared to how we live now.

The day started with a tour around the mountain; being shown where the houses would have been, where and how the people stored and hunted or harvested their food.

We completed two workshops learning about Maori medicine and how the Maori farmed with specific tools. It was interesting to learn about how the Maori used natural resources for almost everything. The medicinal treatments were made of plant and trees that had healing properties.

We also learnt about the Maori’s origins, culture and how they created their own new traditions. We gained a better understanding of Maori myths and legends. The trip to Mangere Mountain was new and engaging. We learnt many interesting facts about Pre-European Aotearoa and about the distinct differences between then and now.

by Constanza Lazarte-Simic